The brisk New York air outside that cuts right through you completely vanishes as you enter warmth and friendliness of the W Downtown New York Hotel.  During my brief, but ever so luxurious stay in NYC, Sunglass Hut and the W made sure it felt like home. Home being complete upscale urban luxury living as they put the W in Wall Street.  This was my first time to stay in the Financial District, but definitely not the last.  This W location, located on 123 Washington Street, is the new kid on the block; just a few months fresh from opening in Summer 2010. The 630-foot-tall building is 57 stories high and has expansive views of the Hudson River and overlooks Ground Zero.  The shiny exterior, modern lines and curves, contemporary design and glossy lacquered surfaces all just make you Ooh and Ahh nonstop.

Everyone was beyond accommodating and friendly. You will become quite familiar with the staff over the duration of your stay and they will feel like a second family while you’re away.  Javonn, the welcoming check-in agent, who is charming, inviting, and filled with NYC tips.  On the plus side, if you’re engaging enough, he’ll even follow you on Twitter.

Nicole, the chic concierge, came through in a major way from Whatever, Whenever when I forgot some toiletry essentials (rookie mistake) and I didn’t want to bare the cold to make the walk to a nearby drugstore.  Apparently they say no request is too big, so if you’re ever in need then give them a dial and Whatever, Whenever will come to the rescue.

Rob, the European bell man remembered every detail of my days, made sure I never broke a nail by handling my bags, and could always provide a helping hand.  He never complained or huffed and puffed from the strain and pain that came from carrying my overweight bags.  Even when I was frantically trying to stuff newly purchased items into my bursting-at-the-seams bags, he calmly took control and expertly maneuvered it so I was all zipped up and out of the hotel in time for my flight.

Be sure to find Andres, the adorable welcome agent with a pocketful of SIP tickets. Become fast friends and you’ll have a few on him at the Living Room bar.  For those who partake in some afternoon day drinking (is it 5 o’clock somewhere?) or late lunchtime activities,  you’ll find Tony behind the bar making the best cocktails with a side of great conversation.  He kept me company while I noshed and waited for my car to the airport while we discussed the world of blogging and why New York City is just so great.  The Living Room has free WiFi access, so I made sure to take full advantage of it on my newly gifted iPad.

At night, enjoy a cocktail with Trevor, a beefcake bartender who will have you laughing so hard you may just spit out your tasty treat that he just poured. He recommends the Hot Toddy, Downtown Mule, Five Points, Brooklyn Bridge, Bond Street cocktails; all different drinks that suited each and every personality of the Full Time Fabulous finalists.  We were a sight to see as Kristy, Jinna, Brianne, Jenna, Treasure, Allie, and I were bonding as FTF sorority sisters and playing with our new techy toys.

I always found myself smiling and talking aloud in the elevator, just beaming at the adorable greeting on the mat. What a wonderful way to start your day, and as the hours passed the greeting would change accordingly. Once while texting and walking, I entered and loudly exclaimed “Good Evening!” to the mat only to be surprised to hear “Buona Sera” from a group of Italian men in response.  Throughout the hotel, you’ll find that guests and staff are so sociable that there’s never a moment of that awkward elevator silence.

For those lucky enough to have car service, Jimmy is your main man that always made sure I was on time and never late for my important date with fate.  Upon arrival, he gave a thorough tour of the hotel and its history.  No car service?  No problem and forget about hailing a cab.  The W Downtown partnered up with Acura to let guests ride in style in the new Acura MDX models. Constantine, my Acura Experience driver, took great pleasure in scooting me about town and discussing business plans.

I am a purveyor of the minute details, as those are what separates the good from the great.  The small surprises that await you always bring a smile.  At the end of each night, I gladly sank into my cozy down bed that I can only imagine being similar to sleeping on the Marshmallow Man or the fluffiest cloud.  I had many Rachel Zoe moments in my comfy waffle bathrobe and worked on my assignment with lightning fast in-room internet.  You can literally watch your step as you enter the shower, or marvel in the snakeskin printed walls as you bathe yourself in Bliss products.  The sun shade that lowers to dim the shining sun and provide some privacy is adorned with a contemporary graphic that if you look closely is composed of tiny little Ws.  I won’t ruin anymore of the surprises that await you as you should find them yourself.

And to the others that took such great care of me, but sadly your names escape me at the moment, I apologize but thank you for one of the most pleasurable and memorable stays.  Sunglass Hut spoiled me rotten and I hope I can call the W Downtown New York my home for the next year.