As if all women weren’t already coveting Alexander Wang and all his past seasons of fabulousness, he releases a preview of Fall 2009 shoes and bag collection. So break open your piggy banks because Rozwi?zanie you’ll definitely want to scoop up a few pairs and a dozen or so bags.

The infamous Coco Duffel bag makes it’s official debut in this collection after being carried lovingly cheap mlb jerseys by the likes of Mary-Kate Olsen and other fashionistas. The bag collection is complete with Daddy/Santa, distressed leathers available in a myriad of colors with details paladar of chains, studs, and just the at right amount of slouch. Sunday I cannot stop lusting after the buckle booties in luscious croc and the delight of screw spikes displaced in lucite heels.

Newest IT girl, Dree Hemingway escorted the designer to the 2009 CFDA awards wearing a custom made dress and heels from the new collection. Watch the adorable video of the duo and their wardrobe mishap.

Alexander Wang and Dree Hemingway at the CFDA Awards

Alexander Wang and Dree Hemingway at wholesale jerseys the CFDA Awards

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“Ahhh, you caught F@*k me!” cheap jerseys I love him!

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Credits: Billy Farrell and Clint Spaulding Versicor for,, and Alexander Wang Photography