Added a few new baubles to my collection since my last daily arm party post, more specifically the Bulgari Serpenti Bracelet in Jade Green. A perfect statement bracelet that works nicely solo, but also plays wells with others. There’s no denying that I love pieces with history, hence the reason why vintage items resonate so deeply with me. So here’s the 411 behind the bejeweled bracelets I’ve been coveting and donning as of late.

FABULUSH Ziggy Wrap Friendship Bracelet – coming soon!
Chan Luu Wrap Bracelet
Bulgari Serpenti Bracelet – c/o Vogue, available here.
Vintage Chanel Bangle (similar 12 )
Vintage Crystal Bracelet (similar 1 | 2 )
FABULUSH Blessings Bracelet – coming soon!
Cartier Must 21 Watch (similar 1 | 2)

Available from the FW 2011 Collection, the Bulgari Serpenti bracelet is made of karung skin, and the snake-head closure has a light gold and enamel finish with malachite eyes. Karung snakeskin has a small tight scale which is similar to lizard, giving it a finer and more uniform look.The Serpenti collection dates back to 1975 and is reflective of Bulgari’s Greco- Roman heritage, where it is a symbol of wisdom, life and eternity. A few weeks ago, I sat down to dinner at Dragonfly at Hotel Zaza with Anh from 9to5 Chic, the fashion blogging Asian sister I never had. We were matchy-match with our bracelets; you can check out her red version.

The FABULUSH bracelets – Ziggy and Blessings, will be available to purchase very soon, when we unveil our new eCommerce site. The Ziggy Wrap Friendship Bracelet is inspired by Missoni mania with the added touch of glitz to show off some sparkle and shine in any friendship. The Blessings Bracelet is an intention bracelet blessed by Buddhist monks, to put some positivity in the world and when it wears away, your wish shall come true. Both are handmade, Ziggy from hand-dyed ombre silk embroidery thread and Blessings from Egyptian Cotton thread.

The Vintage Chanel bracelet, I picked up at a tiny vintage store on a road trip with one of my best friends in St. Augustine, one of the oldest cities in the US. A great memento to remind me of the lovely memories made while on the search for “The Fountain of Youth.” As I notice my laugh lines settling in more and more as the years go by, perhaps I didn’t find the secret to eternal smooth skin, but this snakeskin bracelet and maybe Botox in the future will still have me smiling for years.

All these perfectly accent my Chan Luu wrap bracelet, as I’ve become a huge Chan Luu fanatic recently. Some days, you’ll catch me piling on multiple strands gems and semi-precious stones or running out the house wrapped up in just one. My addiction is getting out of control, and Blissful Gypsy has the best prices around.

I’ve shown you mine, now let’s see yours!