The Next Big Things in 2011

2010 may have been the Year of the Tiger, but it was the fashion year of ombre hair, body chains, armored rings and baubles, neutrals and army colors, now maxed out on maxi dresses, and distressed everything.  A sign of the times that things are ready for a change.  So let’s talk about the next big things in 2011, discuss upcoming looks, an inspiration boards for you to spring into the New Year, and some sunglass help to tie it all together.

The past few years have been hard on everyone and fashion reflected that.  The grief is gone and everyday glamour is back with subtle touches to your outfits and attire; the disheveled look is no longer lingering as a chic comfort takes over for the New Year. Dressing up is with refinement and playfulness is reenergizing our wardrobes and wallets.  For those who aren’t as flashy, minimalism is also a huge hit with clean lines, beautiful silhouettes, and just straight-forward fashion.

High-low pairings are still au courant because it’s certainly still a faux pas to wear a designer head-to-toe and really, and who has the budget for all that anyways? Also in the near future, the retro revival of your 70s icons, we’re not talking Mom jeans here, but bell bottoms that accentuate that derrière, fringe, wide brim hats and the return of all things sex kitten.

Below are inspiration boards for some of the latest looks that will be a hit in 2011.

White Haute

White Haute –  Gone are the days of the drab muted palettes and shades of grey, and welcoming 2011 with a soft and fresh rebirth of white.  What better way to kick of the New Year with a clean slate, but don’t make the mistake of being a blank canvas. Finish off the simplistic style with Fendi White Rounded ($245), special shades with a fun and colorful interior Fendi print.  Or try the D&G White Aviators ($135) for a no-fuss look.

Prints Charming

Prints Charming – After being hit hard by the recession, fashion is bouncing back and giving a punch of color and prints. Let your clothes do the talking for you with creative patterns that create a conversation. No need to be timid! Choose sunglasses with as much personality, such as the exclusive artist series Ray-Ban Mike Ming Printed Wayfarers ($175) or the Prada Two Toned Retro shades ($245).


Peekaboo – Put the shy girl aside, as some of the hottest looks of the New Year will leave nothing to the imagination. Sheer fabrics will reveal VPLs on purpose, lace pieces flaunt your best assets, and you’ll be driving the boys wild.  Warning to the wise that this trend is not for the demure. Prada Clear Cat Eyes ($205) play on the see-thru factor and  Stella McCartney Square Tortoise Shell ($225) have a gradient lens to keep eyes barely covered.

All of the Brights

All of the Brights – Inject some fruity flavor in your life with bright colors such as watermelons, ripened reds, blueberries, and apple greens.  2011 is not a year of subtleties as bold shades scream out for attention.  Start with baby steps of slight pops of color and then leap into a look of technicolor.  Try the Versace Acid Green ($190) sunglasses or Ray-Ban Electric Blue Aviators ($150) for fun hues that let your eyes do the talking.

As I ponder into my fashion crystal ball to foresee 2011’s lifeline, there’s trends hitting all parts of our lifestyles.  Designer wear being fully featured in movies a la Rodarte in Black Swan; a throw back to Givenchy days with Audrey Hepburn, so cineastes and fashionistas can coexist together.  Fashion and food collaborations like the 2010 formers: John Galliano for Ladurée, Diet Coke and Lagerfeld, or Missoni and Pellegrino will keep popping up because it’s chic to eat!  Kids in front row boosters and the laps of our favorite editors as a love for fashion always begins at an early age.  New lines are popping up as everyone still loves to support the underdog.

I can’t reveal all of what 2011 holds, as with everything in fashion and life, surprises are half the fun!  Happy New Year!