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After suffering a flight between a horrible snorer and a flatulent chatty Kathy; arriving to the Las Vegas Convention Center for a sneak peek of WWDMAGIC before the doors opened to the public with the other Teen Vogue bloggers was quite the visual treat. All the man hours and effort that come together to make one of fashion’s largest trade shows happen is quite awe inspiring and much appreciated.  Macala Wright Lee of FashionablyMarketing.me, is the mastermind and coordinator of this years new social media experience that I’m honored and proud to be apart of.

Even before all the booths and Teen Vogue Blogger Lounge were completely finished and with the red carpet rolled out, the expansiveness of the trade show was beyond overwhelming.  This year, being on the press side rather than the brand side brought a whole new perspective complete with Twitter-tired thumbs and snap happy fingers.

How important is fashion to me during WWDMAGIC? Well for my five day stay, I managed to pack three suitcases and have them all take up my second bed at my hotel.  So, follow my Twitter @kimmyhuynh for the up-to-minute action in Vegas, and check back for the latest trends and fashions coming straight from the floors of WWDMAGIC.  If you’re still itching for more, peruse the other great content aggregated at on the WWDMAGIC Tumblr.