Kimmy Huynh at Cork

As the younger, nomadic and sometimes erratic sister, friends and family have gotten used to my wanderlust ways, but for my steadfast brother to move is of earth-shifting proportions. A proper send-off and farewell party was in order for my older brother who is moving to Miami in January.  As the best older brother anyone could have, everyone kept asking my younger brother and I, “Are you sad to see him go?” Honestly, no, I’m happy to see him leave…

Cork Wine BarInside Cork Wine Bar

Over 75 of my brother’s closest friends and family joined us at Cork, a new age wine bar in West Village with the private room in the back.  It’s like an adult version of Dave and Buster’s, where you swipe, sip, and savor.  You put X amount on a charge card, and choose from a taste, glass, or bottle from their plethora of wine selection.  If you’re unfamiliar with particular varietals, then you can read up on the flavor profiles and pairings that match up nicely.  If you get a little too swipe happy; call a cab!

Cork Wine Bar Farewell Party

Pizzas were catered from Grimaldi’s just like the NY staple, minus the forever long lines, and intricately decorated cake balls adorned with signature D’s and some sparkle from That’s the Cake Bakery.  While photographer, Chi Tran expertly shot pictures of the party, guests snapped shots on the disposable cameras for a fun and in the moment action.  To commemorate the occasion and memories, a big mama Moet Methuselah was out for everyone to sign and video message farewells were recorded.  After mingling and catching up, all the guests were amped up on Holiday cheer and had their dancing shoes on.

Grimaldi's Pizza

Bevy of Beautiful Dallas Blondes

Moved the party to Candleroom, where it was hustling and bustling the Wednesday before Christmas.  After getting situated at a table, everyone fought back tears with many toasts and cheers.  We all proceeded to dance and night away and as my older brother taught everyone “How to Dougie.”  Favorite stories, memories, and inside jokes all spilled out as the night continued on.

Bevy of Beautiful Dallas BrunettesDance Party at Candleroom

Everyday as his departure date nears, I feel it more and more – that sinking feeling, that emptiness.  It’s foreign and unfamiliar because I was always the one leaving, not the one staying and waving bye.  The tables have turned and it truly is bittersweet.  A thank you goes out to everyone who attended and made the party fantastic, but an even bigger thanks is due to my brother.  I’m proud to be your little sister, and more so proud of you for making your dreams come true. Thank you for always being a caring, selfless, and giving person.  Love you and 2011 – Do it big!

[Wearing: BCBG Tube Dress, Wolford Tights, Rosegold Booties, Vintage Art Deco Ring]

Images Courtesy of: Chi Tran Photography