iconWith just mere weeks away until Super Bowl Sunday a.k.a. my Birthday on February 5th, I’ve rounded up my Birthday Wish List after some requests. Truly, the best presents are ones that money can’t buy, but a little gift never hurt anybody. This year, I’m happy to be celebrating with my lovely family, amazing friends, and for once no boyfriend drama. Onto the Birthday Wishes:

Bijoux & Beauty –

  1. State Pride Necklaces -$48 Texas Necklace California & Florida Necklaces: My nomadic and wanderlust filled ways have brought me to some great states, with these necklaces I could pay some homage all layered around my neck.
  2. St. Tropez Tanning Essentials Golden Glow Kit $35: When I’m not living on either coasts, which happens to be more often these days, I turn into a porcelain china doll with such a wan and pallid color. Help me fake a normal skin tone before everyone thinks I have a constant case of jaundice.
  3. TOM FORD BLACK ORCHID 1.7 oz Eau de Parfum Spray: Sex. In. A. Bottle. Enough said.
  4. Yves Saint Laurent Sephora Holiday Glamour Set: I am obsessed with YSL’s Radiant Touch, as it’s one of the few things in the world that helps me fake 8 hours of sleep, when in actuality my night owl ways lead me to much less. I can’t resist how charming this whole set is.
  5. Kendra Scott ‘Danielle’ Oval Earrings White Mother Of Pearl $58: The type of earrings that would go with everything. Easily has the ability to be dressed up or down. Also in search of some huge thin gold hoop earrings. I’m talking massive sized.
  6. Viktor & Rolf ‘Flowerbomb’ Eau de Parfum Spray -$150: One of my signature scents. If I could drown myself in it, I most likely would.
  7. BVLGARI ‘Eau Parfumee au the blanc’ Body Lotion – $65: If you’ve ever stayed at the Ritz, you are highly familiar with this scent. Clean, fresh, sweet, and just oh-so-perfect. I have the teeeeensy bit left that I keep hoarding, but I keep hoping for a new bottle and the parfum as well.
  8. Mason Pearson Comb – $30: The moment my hair gets wet, it decides to have a mind of its own. Detangling is a workout and a bitch, so this sweet tortoiseshell comb would release those knots with the quickness.
  9. Fresh Sugar Lush Set – $28: Super soft lips for when my make out bandit moods strike. Plus, the sugary lemon scent and taste is just a delicious bonus.
  10. Hermes Coller de Chien Cuff – This little cuff bracelet would definitely soften the blow of getting into my late 20s.
Books and Home- 
  1. Diana+ Camera with Instant Back $98: I’m a sucker for instant photos and combine it with the dreamy effects of a Diana camera, I’m all over this. Don’t forget the film!
  2. Le Petite Prince Moleskine Journals $15-$30: My obsession with Le Petite Prince is never ending, and these adorable journals would inspire and hopefully nullify any writer’s block.
  3. The Little Prince Pop Up Book – $35: I. Love. This. Book. I have the original French version, but pop-ups just brings out the  little kid joy in me.
  4. iPhone Cases – $35 Maps of the Stars & Cloudscape: Call me butterfingers. I’ve ruined many good ol’ iPhones, so a chic case would make my tech life a lot easier.
  5. Diptyque Mini Candles in Baies, Gardenia, Figuier, Patchouli – $28: For the moments I need to zen out, draw a bath, or set the mood. The mini candles are petite, yet pack a fragrant punch. Not to mention, how adorable the containers are to reuse after they’re done burning.
  6. Monogram Mugs in K and H $8: What better way to sip my morning tea than out of something personalized.
  7. Cookbooks – Thomas Keller Set, Momofuku, Balthazar, Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Volume 1: There is no doubt there is an inner fat girl trying to escape. I am a foodie at heart, and love learning more culinary ways. Also, it’s a win-win situation; I cook, you eat. Bam!
  8. Geronimo Valentine’s Day Balloon $150: Instant cheer in a room with one of these gorgeous balloons. Tinsel, tassels, charms, and a balloon the size of 30 regular ones… Bigger is definitely better.
  9. LA Poster $27: There’s no doubt, I still miss living in sunny SoCal. This black print with it’s metallic gold ink would help me remember all my special Tinseltown moments and my former Miracle Mile hood.
  10. Anything NastyGal: You can’t go wrong on this site. Except for Jeffery Campbells, I abhor those things.

Luxe Lusts –

  1. Fuji x100 – $1300: After falling in love with Thomas Jane’s Leica, I realize Fuji’s version is a realistically more in my grasp. A sleek and chic alternative to bulky DSLRs, oh the shots I could do with this beauty.
  2. YSL Belle du Jour Gold Clutch – $595:  Simply beautiful.
  3. YSL Nude Patent Tributes – $795: I’ve been wanting these for years to give me endless legs for days. Size 39
  4. Celine Large Audrey Sunglasses – $300: Extra large and in charge with their classic Hepburn-homage shape. Ideally in black, but tortoiseshell would tickle my fancy as well.
  5. Chanel 2.55 Medium Flap Bag in Black Caviar: I will forgo future furniture purchases again to save up for this classic darling. My oversized Jumbo lambskin has gotten beaten up over the years, so the smaller and more durable caviar should stand the test of time.
  6. Christian Louboutins in Black Lady Peep – $945: There’s something about the moment you slip on some red soles… Instant toe cleavage, longer legs, bust enhanced, and behind lifted. A full body workout without the effort. Size 39
  7. Alexander Wang Freja Booties – $306: I never have buyer’s remorse, it’s more like the agonizing annoyance of forever pining away for something you can never find again. I end up scouring all ends of the Internet looking for the last remains, and alas these Frejas have made a reappearance just hopefully long enough to end up in my wardrobe. 39, black and white!
  8. Mason Pearson Popular Brush -$170: My unruly locks could easily be tamed by this iconic brush with their perfect mix of nylon and boar bristles.