Byron Nelson 2010 Panoramic Golf Course View
Byron Nelson 2010 - Kimmy Huynh

If anyone knows how to throw a party, it’s my Twinkie and best friend, Stephanie. Every year her family graciously hosts and throws an amazing fete in honor of the HP Byron Nelson Championship at TPC Four Seasons Resort Las Colinas.  While I’m definitely not an avid golfer (I’ve thrown out my back on the driving range, and sadly thrown my clubs in a frustrated rage);  I do love a good social scene with my a margarita or mimosa in tow.   The Byron Nelson has been a longtime Texas tradition I’ve been partaking in since high school when I am in town, but it does get increasingly better with age.

Byron Nelson 2010 - 17th TeeByron Nelson 2010 - Jordan SpiethByron Nelson 2010 - Jordan Spieth

The Ramirez’s have a sick house on the 17th tee, thus making the Byron Nelson experience far more enjoyable. This year golden wunderkin Jordan Spieth, a 16-year-old Jesuit junior, made the finals with the veteran old timers. The energy was beyond electric for the young hometown hero.  Even though Spieth didn’t win it all the way, he did finish at 16th place in a seven-way tie, six shots behind winner Jason Day.  You can certainly bet Dallasites will proudly support him for years to come.

Byron Nelson 2010 - The Girls

Byron Nelson 2010 - The Boys

After many rounds of double fisting mimosas and margaritas, paparazzi style picture taking between windy gusts, and committing carbocide on some delicious Blue Mesa catering; we moseyed on down to the Pavilion.  Le Freak was doing classic covers of sing-a-long 80s & 90s jams and  we ran into some of the most interesting characters. For example, the matchy match Bachelor party group in white polos and red seersucker shorts, cougars on the prowl, dirty old men, cute guy doing the trash sweeping dance, and everyone in between. Dallas is a friendly place, so with a just a smile, you’ll be sure to make about 20 new friends.

Byron Nelson 2010 - Le Freak at the Pavilion Byron Nelson 2010 - Crazy Cougars & Bad Bachelors

Byron Nelson 2010 HP on the Green - Steph, Kimmy, & Amanda

If you’ve never been to the Byron Nelson before there’s a few things you should expect and here’s a few helpful tips:

  1. WEAR SUNSCREEN! Try 1002394872384 SPF, and you’ll probably still get burned.
  2. Hats will shield you from the intense sun and help cool you from the heat. Nothing will keep you from sweating though.
  3. Girls, forget the heels, and yes this is coming from the girl who refuses to wear anything less than 4″ at all times. You may be able to get away with wedges, but I’ve seen some nasty ankle breaking accidents on those hills. You must remember it is in Las Colinas, quite literally meaning “The Hills.”
  4. Dress comfortably but please still casual chic. If the golfers can wear put on a collared shirt, then hey Mister, so can you!
  5. You will need a pass to walk the grounds and access the Pavilion, that is unless you have a friend that lives on the course or if you are a girl with big boobs. I think the latter trumps the first though, just sayin’.
  6. You’ll most likely being drinking from dawn to dusk, so party hardy, but please remember it is a actual tournament and respect the players while they are swinging those sticks.
  7. The Pavilion serves both beer and hard alcohol, accepting both cash or credit in exchange for tickets. Buckets of beer is usually the best bet and easy to share with your friends.
  8. Lastly, if you do decide to sneak on to the green, do it at night and stay off the painted areas. Even the most talented dry cleaners can’t salvage those threads. Trust me on that one.

You can view the rest of the pictures on Facebook… eventually.  And a very special thanks to Stephanie and the whole Ramirez family for all your hospitality.  Much love.