[KAIN Label Tee, Cheap Monday skinnies, YSL Tributes, Tiffany Charm Necklace]

I’ve been in a funk since we returned from my birthday trip to Tahoe, but I promise to share more some of the 500+ birthday week pictures.  I could possibly bore you with all the minute details of the trip, but all in all, I definitely experienced a shit ton of things I’ve never done in my life.  And now I’m oh so old at the ripe age of 26…

So I’ve returned to the routine of normal daily life of client work, job searching, massive amounts of laundry, waiting for packages and returned phone calls, and Valentine’s Day prep.  All while wishing to be at NYFW or even back in Dallas covering the 2010 NBA All Star Game, which I passed on stupidly.  Quel imbecile!

In order to brighten my Friday funk, I’m sporting my obnoxiously purple suede Tributes and as an homage to V-day, little hearts around my neck to remind I’m still loved.   Weekend plans, my dears?