Off my NYC high, I rolled right into another fantastic project proposal with Nokia. While being a firm iPhone sheep for almost every iteration of the iPhone (minus the 4S) it thus made me almost a connoisseur of smart phones. I always had my roots being a PC/Windows gal growing up and had my fair share of Nokia and HTC phone before Apple fever hit the market. It only seemed natural to give the Nokia Lumia 900 a test drive and give a hand at sparking some inspiration for one of the five awe-inspiring Leivankash jewelry collections: Flora, Damocles, Persepolis, Skulls, and Totem. My femininity gravitated immediately to the Flora collection – as all things girly gushed from within. The Skulls and Damocles allowed for more edgier, darker and regal looks; while Persepolis was a play on Persian prints and textures of the days of yore and relics. The Totem collection embodied a breathe of nature and a walk on the animalistic side. Flights of fancy came to mind and images of horses made me want to run wild along side them.


The Lumia 900 is one sleek looking phone with it’s slight curves and streamlined build quality that makes it feel more substantial than its iPhone 5 competitor. I must say while size does matter and I do love to follow the adage, “Bigger is Better”, the Lumia 900 is definitely bigger than its other smartphone brethren. Smaller fumbling fingers may not enjoy the larger difference, but I must say I do like the fact it doesn’t feel like it will shatter instantaneously upon a leery glance like the iPhone. No seriously, who else has joined the Bloody fingers/Shatter Gorilla Glass Club? Anyhow, the battery life outlasts like the Energizer Bunny with rapid functionality of the Windows OS; however, I may believe the lack of native apps and developer support added to the fact my Lumia 900 lasted so long. As a social media junkie and simply the fact that my work integrates new media, the Windows Marketplace is missing many vital apps that are normally supported on the iPhone. 3rd party apps are available; however, with frustrating restrictions and learning curve usability. If Apple iOS and Android didn’t rule the Apps Universe and developers provided more support, then I firmly believe Windows Phones and their Apps Marketplace would be a huge contender and be widely adopted. The little music snob in me loved the sound quality and options of Zune music and video, along side the native AT&T Radio app, which is comparable to Pandora and Spotify, if not better. The best part of the phone for me was the high quality camera, alongside it’s different built-in Camera settings and extras that performed well beyond any other smartphone and had me forgetting to use my actual Canon point-and-shoot cam.

The Lumia 900 helped me capture, create and curate quite impressive images to integrate into StyleSaint for the Leivankash Mood Boards. It was such a pleasure to explore Dallas, searching for inspiration through my eyes and with the help of the gorgeous community and various kind strangers. Over the next few days, I’ll be unveiling each Leivankash mood board inspired by each of her beautiful jewelry collections. Today, we’ll start with my personal FABULUSH Street Style.