Ever since I moved to New York, it’s taken some time to get adjusted to the pace of the city. No longer are there just the days of 9 to 5, but the constant around-the-clock work life demands some heavy duty hardware to match up. Thankfully, the HP Pavilion 17” notebook has come to my rescue, keeping me connected while on-the-go wherever there is coffee, cocktails and, of course, wi-fi.

Whether it be at my home, in the office, or somewhere in between, this HP notebook has the battery life to last me through the day. No one likes experiencing the dreaded 1% run around dash as you frantically look for your charging cables. A typical day for me generally can range from the mundane to spontaneous, but that’s the very nature of marketing and blogging that I love. I’ll try to break down an usual day:


HP 17″ notebook available at HSN, Hudson Jeans, Louboutin Youpi Heels

Daily Routine Run Down

  • Morning Boot Up – Being a morning person is just not in my nature, so it generally takes me a few hours of quiet time to myself to acclimate. Windows 10 is the complete antithesis of me with its fast and responsive, InstantGo technology that lets you boot up and resume quickly. This upgrade gives me a jumpstart on the day with my coffee while catching up on the news and replying back to emails.
  • Feigning Fitness – The adage “Fries before Guys” is basically the motto of my life so in order to attempt to remain heart-healthy, I enjoy (I use that term very lightly here) doing Pilates or the Tracy Anderson method. There’s nothing like a spunky blonde shouting motivational quips through the crystal clear Bang & Olufsen audio to get you moving that ass to work off that extra glass of wine.
  • Conference Calls /Lunch Meetings– Multi-tasking has never become easier, I can instantly snap between apps to show two things on screen at once and toggle between a video call and documents. With a portfolio of different clients, it’s a blessing to be able to have multiple desktops that let you dedicate your workspace and organize all your apps and windows whichever way you want.
  • Daily Grind – When I’m heads down in the zone, it’s pretty convenient that with Windows 10 all your notifications are collected in one easy-to-reach screen so you can see them and take action without having to go through the app.
  • Strike a Pose – Whether I’m doing product photography, filming a segment, or trying to capture an OOTD picture, editing becomes a breeze on this impressively large 17″ screen.
  • Dinner & Event – With impending and immediate deadlines, it’s nice to spend a portion of the evening disconnecting for a bit to cook a meal with love and care or laugh the night away with friends. Once the fun is over, it’s time to wrap up any loose ends of the day on my HP.



Simplicity for Everyday


Power meets performance designed for daily use.

HP 17″ notebook available at HSN




My guilty pleasure is a night in with a ridiculous amount of takeout from Seamless or Caviar and binge watch any and every Shonda Rhimes show. I crack open my HP notebook and curl up next to my pork buns and never end up missing a moment of my cult favorite shows thanks to its massive and clear display. For those Audiophiles, you will be happy to hear the HP Pavilion has built-in Bang & Olufsen sound system so you can get all up close and personal during an Olivia Pope tirade.

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With this substantial 17″ notebook, it’s as if you have a desktop for work, one for home, all with extended battery life, extra storage, and easy search for multi-tasking made easy. Cultivate creativity at every step with the HP Pavilion notebook and Windows 10, available exclusively at HSN. I never miss a moment with the HP Pavilion notebook’s supercharged setup and ease of use.  Whether I’m at my home office or out of the office, HP has got me covered.


Dior Sunglasses and HP 17″ Laptop

My dinner routine is generally a Sweetgreen Earth Bowl or at-home salmon and brussels sprouts, pretty standard and pretty boring. This particular meal was a special treat that consisted of indulging and imbibing in some mini lobster rolls, chips and guac, and a passionfruit cocktail. Basking in the summer glow, I got to gaze at the coveted Manhattanhenge. I heard stories of photographers and the like, sitting and waiting for hours on end to catch the elusive shot.

There’s no guessing or a large learning curve with Windows 10, right out of the box it feels fast, friendly and familiar.


Working alongside the impressive views of the city, I went with a sleek and classic silver notebook that complements the backdrop of the skyline. The HP Pavilion is available in a myriad of colors to suit anyone’s personality and lifestyle.  Choose from a pop of color in Blue, Red, and Purple or keep it stylish and chic in Silver or White. The Summer humidity and heat wreck havoc on my hair and body, combined with my penchant for a saltier palate; turning me into a puffy mess. An addition of the gradient keyboard makes it look beautiful inside and out while being spacious and accommodating to my bloated fingers!

Timo Weiland Knit Dress, ASOS Belt, Louboutin Sandals, Jumbo Chanel, and HP notebook

Debuting on July 18th and sold exclusively on HSN, the HP 17″ Pavilion is available in an array of eye-catching gradient colors. With the ridiculous amount of pictures I’m always taking and editing, now I never have to worry about running out of space due to it’s impressive 2 TB of storage. I always ran into problems with previous laptops going kaput due to my multi-tasking way, but this beast of a machine holds its own.

With the real estate and personal space at a premium in NY, it’s nice to work comfortably on my HP in and out of the office or where ever life takes you. Touch screen capabilities help customize for any lifestyle. With Windows 10, see your productivity soar as it’s so simple and intuitive.

HP-20HSN offers a steal of a deal, making the HP Pavilion 17” notebook budget friendly enough that you can pick up those shoes you’ve been eyeing in addition to your Intel Quad-Core 8GB Ram computing power. Booties, brogues, and brains. Who would have imagined a better shopping combination? Windows 10 and HP are now fully integrated into my lifestyle from day to night.

In collaboration with HP & HSN, many thanks for the support and sponsored partnership. All views and opinions are my own.