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When beauty secrets crossover with your social life, you jump at the chance and grab a Pep-Start! Since moving to New York City, there’s been a bucket list of iconic moments I’ve been ticking off slowly and surely. Finally experiencing the famed Daybreaker party, a morning movement unlike any other that is spreading across the world. The phenomenon begins with an optional yoga class, yet that means rising before dawn on a weekday.

I’m not a morning person in any shape or form, so waking up before the sunrise in pitch black darkness was certainly a form of torture.  Begrudgingly I got up, but I was wishing I could hide under the covers for a few more hours. Thanks to the seven cocktail blend of peptides in Clinique’s Pep-Start Eye Cream, it banished my restless night from my face. A pop, click, and swipe later – I was wide eyed and ready for this Daybreaker adventure. Getting dropped off in front of a club at 7 am, my cab driver asked, “Are you sure this is where you want to go? Not lost? Space Ibiza?!” Once I explained the unusual concept, he responded with “Well, you look really fresh, but I gotta check this out myself!”

Not truly knowing what was in store, it was a wondrous surprise when a marching band complete with a tuba et al was cheering everyone in line upon just walking into the entrance, what a way to start the day.

The crowd piled in and began peeling off the overcoats and layers shielding us all from the bitter cold. Once inside, the collective clamoring and whispered excitement kept growing as we donned sweatbands, glowsticks, and other neon swag.

To perk up those still not fully awake, a Clinique Beauty Bar was keeping people’s faces on point. In three seconds flat, Pep-Start transformed the crowd into morning zombies to glam party-goers. Strange to be at a nightclub in the wee hours of the morning, completely sober so a full open bar complete with fresh pressed juices, coconut waters, coffee blends, and the healthiest snacks was a sensible way to start breakfast.

In a room full of bleary-eyed strangers, after a swipe or two of Pep-Start and busting a move everyone quickly became fresh-faced friends. In the midst of the city’s hustle, there are always new surprising methods to feeling connected in the Big Apple. The intensity of the united energy was infectious; with literal heat and sweat emanating from everyone’s body. The Clinique x Daybreaker provided more of a jolt than any cup of coffee could ever do. Who would have thought a 7 am rave before a workday would be so effective at eliminating my dark circles?

Entertainment spanned from Fire Dancer, NY Knicks Dancers, a full orchestra, marching band, Hannah Bronfman DJing with appearances by the gorgeous faces of former Miss Universe, Olivia Culpo and Disney sensation, Peyton List. After a plethora of acts and two hours that had flown by, the window shades rolled up to allow the daylight seeping in, fogged up from condensation and the collective body heat.

As I walked out onto the streets of New York, thanks to Clinique Pep-Start eye cream I banished my big sunglasses and faced the early morning with bright eyes.

Clinique Pep Start Eye Cream
Clinique Daybreaker Party NYC
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If you’re a jet setter or need to quench your eye’s thirst for hydration and moisture, Pep-Start is perfect for you. Great size for travel or when I’m on-the-go, Pep-Start fits in a pocket or in a purse for those extra bursts of moisture when you need it. It perks up my face and brightens the dark shadows. Squeeze a bit of product out then swipe and rotate the circular applicator around your orbital bone.

Clinique’s Pep-Start eye cream gave me immediate results. It’s an instant brightening and hydrating eye cream that features a blend of peptides to help combat the visible effects of your busy life. My favorite trick is to pop the tube in the fridge for a few minutes and then apply for a cool touch and de-puffing benefits. I swiped it on bare skin and on top of makeup, day and night – making it a truly versatile skincare tool, all just dependent on your needs. Its peptides help support natural collagen reserves that can be threatened by stress, fatigue, and lack of sleep—the tell-tale signs of your busy life.

Suggested Usage:
-Use twice a day, morning and night.
-Pop ball tip up with a thumb.
-Gently squeeze a small amount of product onto applicator tip.
-Swipe in a circular motion around the eye area, including lids.
-Use finger to smooth in any excess until absorbed.
-Reapply as needed throughout the day.

Coming off a natural high from the collective energy of strangers, the beat of the music slows, a full orchestra and band appear while a singer serenaded the group into a seated position on the floor. A positive mantra then chanted and recited in unison marked the end of the insanely fun Clinique x Daybreaker experience. Living in NYC brings the most unique opportunities and creative experiences, unlike any other city.

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Pep-Start Eye Cream available exclusively at Sephora and Clinique.

Thank you Clinique for sponsoring and supporting FABULUSH. All views and opinions are my own.

All photos by Kimmy Huynh