Every once in a while, you just feel the need to break out of the box and spice it up.  Let your fingers walk on the wild side with a fun and inexpensive alternative to Minx.  For the days I tire of my classic red nails, I bust out some bright colors and partake in some DIY nail art.  You can watch this uber kawaii and kind of creepy YouTube tutorial or follow my instructions below.

Things you’ll need:

  • Base Coat
  • Two different colors of nail polish
  • Top coat
  • Nail Art Stamping Kit – with pattern plate, stamper, and scraper. (I use Konad, which I found on Amazon and in Asian marts, but there is also others like Essence available at Ulta),
  • Printer paper/newspaper (it can get a little messy with the scraping)
  • Nail polish remover and cotton balls for mistakes
  1. Paint your nails as you normally would with the combo of base + color + top coats.  Once dry, then decide on what pattern suits your fancy; I love the leopard prints and tiger stripes on Konad’s m57 plate.
  2. Take the accent nail polish color and liberally apply onto the chosen pattern on the plate.  Then with a swift motion, use the scraper to scrape off excess polish onto your paper workplace.  Told you it would come in handy!
  3. Roll the stamper onto the plate to lift off the pattern.  Practice makes perfect, so keep working at it to pick up the print.
  4. Now this is the hard step, line up the pattern with your fingernail and roll your finger with the stamper to transfer the pattern.  If you mess up, you can scratch off the pattern and try, try, try again.
  5. Do as many or as little fingers you’d like, and finish off with the top coat.  Let them dry and marvel at your new beauties.

Let me know what color combos and prints you come up with!