You can call me Miss Butterfingers. I’m the girl who can’t wear white without staining it; the girl who took years of ballet yet still pas de bourrée-d onto everyone’s toes.  You get the gist, I’m a tad bit clumsy. Here’s a DIY scarf top to freshen up a look, cover up, or save your stained shirt.

Case in point, I learned this little trick the hard way while living in Miami during one of those fancy all “White” parties.  Come on people, I’m no P Diddy with a man butler making sure I’m not spilling!

Red red wine wineeee… all over my new, but not so pristine white top.  I could have left with my shattered pride, but the people watching was just way too good.  So in DIY fashion, I got inspired by Hermes folding techniques, so I took my scarf and went to work.

1.  Take a large enough sized square scarf to begin with.  The more fabric = the more you have to work with.  If you only have something bandana sized, guess what?  You’ll probably end up with just a tube top.  If you got it, flaunt it!  Here I started with a large vintage Rochas scarf with a keyhole print.

2. Determine which side of the scarf will be the front and which will be the interior.  Whatever side that will be facing you, gather fabric in the middle and tie a knot at the center of the scarf. Easy peasy, right?

3.  The top two ends will tie around your neck and the bottom ends will tie around your waist.  Remember to tie securely, or you could have a Lil Kim a la Superbowl moment, which would far surpass the aforementioned stain in the beginning.

4.  Voila, you have a new halter top/coverup/temporary sanity saver!  Now get back out there, have fun, and for the sake of your new top and dignity – try not to spill anymore!