I had never found the precise way to plan out my life on-the-go since we live in such a fast paced digital age. Enter Erin Condren LifePlanner™, the organization planner tool I never knew about, but now I cannot live without! Physically writing something down actually commits it to some part of my memory, while the motivational quotes and extreme cuteness just sparks joy – on a daily basis. Let’s equate it to a life coach pushing you towards your dreams and helping break it down goal by goal.

My introduction to the line felt a tad bit like a dream. I was literally like a kid in a candy store – the Erin Condren team had unleashed me into sugar heaven at Dylan’s Candy Bar. Sugar high behold with a little buzz got the excitement going. It was such a joy to meet those on the Erin Condren team and all the other bloggers and influencers. The evening was filled with sipping on the cutest cocktails and then it turned into a huge bloggerfest photoshoot. When all the LifePlanner™ and entire Erin Condren line was placed in front of us all, everyone got to snapping all the fun.

We all stem from all different backgrounds and tastes, yet there is a design to suit everyone. I went for a more streamlined and modern feel with the Luxe Letterpress LifePlanner™ in Taupe. It’s monogrammed in metallic rose gold for that touch of personalization then dazzles with the matching rose gold coil. With so many great options of customization, it took a little thinking of what would suit my lifestyle the best. I chose the vertical layout for open ended planning, neutral colors for a sleek and chic look, and 18 month calendar as there is much more of this year to finish and plan! Classic never goes out of style. It’s the best-selling coiled book with a completely customizable look. Build your book just how you want it and find the style that fits your life. Choose between weekly planning layouts, embrace a color scheme, customize your cover & coil; there are just so many ways to plan your days!

I was inspired by so many on social media – seeing their planning pages – how they incorporated stickers, washi tape, and all sorts of colorful materials to express and manage their busy lifestyles. Some people sketched art onto their pages, while others displayed their beautiful penmanship and calligraphy skills. When it came down to the nitty gritty, everyone just loved the way you could organize, personalize and plan out your life in a manner that perfectly suits each individual! I used Instagram and the #erincondren hashtag to kickstart my creativity. I loved seeing how different people incorporated Erin Condren’s beautiful personalized products into their everyday lives.



  • — Customize Your Cover with Color Choices, & Personalization
  • — Three Planning Layouts: Horizontal, Vertical & Hourly
  • — Neutral or Colorful Color Scheme
  • — 12-Month or 18-Month Calendar Options
  • — Coil Options in Black, Rose Gold, Gold & Platinum



My multiple shipment of boxes arrived (I just couldn’t contain myself!) and it was joyful from the moment you see the packaging it arrives in. Colorful boxes with the iconic Erin Condren design made you want to rip open the contents inside. Neatly packaged as you unfold your adventure of organizational tools. My inner child began to geek out and immediately started placing stickers carefully at first and then haphazardly into the pages of my LifePlanner™. Try to think back to your Lisa Frank TrapperKeeper days, that’s what was bubbling inside me.

Swept up in the Erin Condren craze, I went a little overboard on accessories, yet I’m still yearning for more. The accessories I got were two sticker books filled to the brim with gorgeous metallic details and colorful designs to delight. Additional sticker sheets in shibori and two watercolor splash to jazz up my weekly spreads. My obsession with stickers topped with the metallic sticker set of gold, silver and rose gold accents.

For more practical features, I went with the Snap-in StylizedSticky™ notes in painted petals and bold bouquet to jot and stick in thoughts, reminders and the like.

Useful, yet playful items included the colorful dual-tip markers, snap-in to-do list dashboard (which I love using wet erase markers with!), mini snap-in bookmarks, CoilClip™ connectors, and the StylizedSticky™ corner pockets in blush to slip little mementos in pages.

A luxe gold metallic quote clutch holds all my other accessories like the compliment cards, which are perfect for perking up anyone and giving them that extra confidence boost. My hardbound notebook in turquoise is my place to scrawl out my inner thoughts and jot down that next million dollar idea before it escapes my mind.

After ordering the LifePlanner™ comes with so many bonus extras – clear pouch with so many goodies, stickers, and a perpetual calendar.  There are still so many accessories I want to collect like each and all the stickers sets, every sticker book available, and I kept going back and forth on a cherry blossom planny pack to hold all my Erin Condren goodies.

Happy to offer a special for my readers, so you can kick start your creativity and planning with a purpose. For 15% off your order, use code GETSOCIAL15 – (please note that the code expires 7/31/17 and cannot be combined with other offers)

Thank you for your support! This was in collaboration with Erin Condren. All views and opinions are my own.