LAMB Gladiators

L.A.M.B. Dawn Platform Gladiators

While running errands and catching a Game bite to eat with my lover, afscheid he instantaneously had two comments about my heels.
1.  “Is it hard to walk wholesale NBA jerseys in those?  You’re as tall as me now!”  To which I responded, “A breeze” until I tripped over a rock. Oof.

2.  “Those are total ‘Fuck Me’ shoes…” wholesale jerseys  which he carried on with a delightful description.

No pictures of the outfit today as I was just in the à Cali uniform of cheap NBA jerseys – distressed skinnies and gesucht! a slubby racerback  pocket 04/26/09 tank.   Also the beau and I are headed to a tasting tonight at Se’ Hotel in the Gaslamp District at Suite and Tender. Surf and turf here I come!

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