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Hi loves, I’m still in the running for… no, not America’s Next Top Model, but even better – Sunglass Hut’s Full Time Fabulous Blogger. It’s an opportunity of a lifetime to become Sunglass Hut’s fashion correspondent to blog about all the latest happenings, events, fashion shows, and of course sunglasses. This all goes down for a year while earning a fat $100K paycheck in an all-expenses paid apartment at the W Downtown with a monthly $1,000 clothing allowance. Imagine all the power lunching at Pastis, then burning off the carbocide while biking in Central Park, a latte at Cafe Gitane while responding to e-mails, mingling and imbibing at The Boom Boom Room, running around the Lincoln Center for NYFW, and jet-setting to Milan and Paris to report back from the runways.

So please help the original “Part Time Lush, Full Time Fabulous” girl nab the job of my dreams and I promise I’ll make this my entire lifestyle. Vote for my video HERE, spread the love by sharing it on Facebook and tweet to your heart’s desire on Twitter.

Thanks for your support! ♥