While living in Miami, I was introduced to this gorgeous, raven-haired china doll with a killer sense of style and undeniable aura of cool that surrounds her. Tamara Sky, a fierce yet feminine DJ/Model is climbing to the top of her ranksand beating out the boys in the very male dominated music industry.  Her passport has more stamps than you can imagine from jetsetting around the globe for gigs in places like: Switzerland, France, Mexico, London, Indonesia, New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, Canada and much more.  You may have caught a peek of her on E!’s reality hit TV show, The Girls Next Door, as the infamous Playboy Bunny DJ or while flipping through the pages of Ocean Drive in a editorial or perhaps in Nylon, Paper and ELLE as the spokesmodel for clothing brand, Luxirie.  Tamara may be petite, but packs a punch as she’s apart of the creative collective of The Overthrow. Tamara won the award of Miami’s Best DJ for 2010. If you think she’s just another pretty face, think again as she’s DJed and headlined events with the Hiltons, Kardashians, and Jacksons. Those credentials still not enough to convince you of her ridiculous skills, well Tamara’s shared the stage with some of the world’s biggest DJs and performers like: The Crystal Method, Paul Van Dyk, Kaskade, Passion Pit, Kid Sister, and oh you know, Tiesto. 2011 is a New Year, and Miss Tamara Sky is on her way to dominate it.

After growing up in Puerto Rico, then living in Miami and jetsetting around the world for gigs, how would you say it has affected your style in fashion and music?
Puerto Rico is very small and contrived, especially when it come to fashion and music. I did what I could to look beyond and see what the rest of the world was up to, specifically in those two things. I started djing and traveling soon after I moved to Miami. That alone affected who I am today in a good way. On the fashion side, lets just say I went from being chachi (tacky or tastless) to casual goth. On the music side, I’m inclined to Disco influenced music and indie. I dislike commercial music. In Puerto Rico, everyone listens to reggaeton and sadly knows little to nothing about anything else.

Who are your fashion inspirations and favorite designers?
I’m inspired by Tim Burton’s quirky, gothic, asymmetrical, playful fashions and anything styled by Kattaca. Some of my favorite fashion designers are Betsey Johnson, Alexander McQueen and Balmain.

Who do you think is at the top of the music game currently?
Hard to tell because in my opinion sometimes the most successful in the music industry are just doing the usual, making music for the masses. I rather hear something new, refreshing and interesting like Gatekeeper, Steve Moore, Crystal Fighters, Zombi, Miami Horror and anything with a killer bass.

What 5 songs are on you listening to at the moment and on repeat?
Chains by Gatekeeper
Game and Performance by Deux
Silver Clouds (Dexter Remix) by Photocall
Big Boss by Doctor P
Faithful (GLOVES ‘China White’ Club Mix) by World’s End Press
BONUS!: After Dark ft Mystery Jets by The Count & Sinden

What’s a day in the life of Tamara Sky like – the norm and the crazy?
When I’m not on the road I just relax in Miami. Anything I need to do, I do it on my computer. There’s a lot of packing and unpacking every week. Waking up early is not part of my schedule unless I have a flight to catch. Theres not much sleeping when I travel, only disco naps. Its all: fly, nap, dress, play, pack – on repeat all in what I call “Zombie Mode”.

What’s your favorite outfit to wear while spinning?
Leggings, Ankle boots, Vintage top and leather jacket all in black.

Which career has been more fun for you – modeling or DJing and why?
I haven’t been pushing modeling at all since djing. My priority is music. Ironically, modeling started pursuing me after I became a DJ. I like both but I am not a model im just good at it (*wink*).

So you’re a rockstar in fashion and DJ world, but what other talents and superhero powers do we not know about?
Its not a secret that I’m a vampire robot with amazing ninja powers who is also a zombie with a flesh eating sex demon alter ego.

What does Full Time Fabulous mean to you?
Being yourself, smart, interesting and confident without overdoing it.

Tamara Sky wants to take you for a ride in her brand new mix, Gonzo Wave. Inspired by the “depraved” chronicles of Hunter S. Thompson, Gonzo Wave blurs the lines between reality and cosmo-rock, defining a neo-psychedelic soundtrack for your next “journey with Baba Vanga.” The mix features surreal tunes from Ciaran Harte, Kavinsky, Kylie Minogue, to Otto Van Schirach, and more.

[ Track List ]

  1. Slow (Chemical Brothers Remix) – Kylie Minogue
  2. Hide & Seek – Moulinex
  3. Megasports – Faux Pas
  4. Transport – GRUM
  5. Two Dots – Lusine
  6. City Lights (The Deadstock 33’s Remix) – The Ghost
  7. Lost In the City (feat. Ghostape) – Plastique de Rêve
  8. Leave It All Behind – Instra:Mental
  9. Island feat Caro ( Noze rmx) – Dapayk & Padberg
  10. Ghost Transistor – Kavinsky
  11. The Walking Dead – Weird Tapes
  12. Township Funk (Diplo Remix) – Mujava
  13. Bastard Kids (Ikonika Remix) – The Brown Acid
  14. Give It Up (Weird Tapes Version) – Datarock
  15. Theme From Gutterballs – Gianni Rossi
  16. Maxipad Vegetation – Otto Von Schirach
  17. Love is Strange – Ciaran Harte

Thank you, Tam for an awesome interview and the new mixtape! xo.
Images Courtesy of: Tamara Sky