I get a lot of questions of how I edit my photos, how I organize them and what my workflow is like. So I’ll let you in on a blogger secret, I use the Google Photos app. Since launching at the end of May, Google Photos has become my go-to app for all my photo organization needs. It’s features span more than just arranging your photos, it’s a powerful tool yet simple and easy to navigate.

I take far too many photos and have the tendency of all my phones crapping out on me, so backing up is a must if I want to keep my precious memories. In the past, I used to find it tedious to have to plug in my phone, upload all my photos to my computer then my external hard drive and organize them neatly. Backing up is no longer a hassle, with Google Photos you can auto backup straight to the cloud and view a lifetime of photos across all your devices.

By far, my favorite feature of Google Photos is its ability to search and scan your photos that trumps other apps and the photo organization is far superior. Gone are the days of scrolling endlessly in search of an elusive photo; now all you do is search by what you remember about a photo, no description needed. Your camera roll becomes automatically organized and you can see all your photos organized by people, places, and things.
Paris NYE Eiffel Tower GIF by Google Photos

The app has an assistant that intuitively knows things about you and your photos; it makes movies, collages and even more all sourced just from your images. The innovative gif above was instantly made by Google Photos, it rounds up similar pictures and effortlessly and like magic, created a cute memory of that very moment midnight struck in Paris on NYE. When it’s that time of the month (no, not that one), when your storage is dismally low and you’ve run out of space for that perfect selfie, the assistant even helps you free up device storage.

Crop, add filters, and adjust your photos in your browser. Share lots of photos at once, even with people who don’t have the app. Google Photos supports face mapping technology, so you no longer have to spend time tagging your friends. Easily edit and share how you like

Wafels & Dinges with Google Photos #PayWithAPhoto
Wafels & Dinges with Google Photos #PayWithAPhoto
Wafels & Dinges with Google Photos #PayWithAPhotoIf you saw my Snapchat and Instagram (find me both @kimmyhuynh), you could see the fun event Google hosted across the nation in New York City, Austin, Portland, and Los Angeles with famous food trucks of their respective areas. New York paid homage to Wafels & Dinges, a mainstay in the NYC foodie culture. For those who wanted to participate in the food truck festivities, they stepped up to the Google Photos challenge with 20 seconds to search their app for the topic displayed on the countdown board. The first person to find and present a picture of that item won a tasty prize! Participants were also able to “pay” for food with photo currency which was a really creative way to introduce this feature. My topic was a skyline and with a click, flick and swipe, I won in an instant! It was my very first time trying Wafels & Dinges, and I couldn’t be more pleased when I won a large wafel smothered in Speculoos sauce and topped with whipped cream.
NYC Skyline from Helicopter

In collaboration with Google Photos; many thanks for the support and sponsored partnership. All views and opinions are my own.