First dates are treacherous enough, but the anxiety from trying to figure out the perfect outfit can make a girl crazy and leave her ripping a closet apart in search of “The One”. No, I’m not talking about finding Mr. Right in my walk-in, but “The One” outfit that is the perfect amount of sweetness mixed with an ounce of sexiness, toss in some romanticism, and of course top if off with some confidence and height boosting heels.

The moment I laid eyes on this Mink Pink Gypsy Rose Blouse, I knew the possibilities were endless. Sheer enough to keep a mind wondering, but still opaque enough to be demure (with the right undergarments, ahem!) The flowy silhouette is ideal for twirling around like the princess you are, but also forgiving enough for your fat days where nothing seems to fit. The poet sleeves make me wish for handwritten love letters and the gauzy top paints the imagery of hazy dreams.

For Day – Mink Pink Gypsy Rose Blouse: Paired it With some dark denim J Brand High Rise Skinny Jeans.

For Night – Mink Pink Gypsy Rose Blouse:  Tucked it into a vintage high waisted cream mini with Alaia-esque detailing and threw on some “Single Girl Louboutin Shoes”.

My day outfit ended up bringing me luck with a group of three fine men from Australia and England at my fave sandwich stop. While I didn’t find a love connection with any, I did share the Welsh wealth with my single ladies. Just like in sports, no one likes a ball hog.

My night outfit was reserved for dinner and dancing, which you’ll get a taste of in my next entry about Red Light, Little River. Let’s just say, if only I could feel as excited for a man, as I do for fashion or food…

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