Yesterday, I brought you the LA lifestyle with Geri Hirsch of because i’m addicted in the first installment of “Inside the Blogger’s Studio” and today, I bring you to the East Coast with New Yorker’s Frances Kwon of Pinkhorrorshow.  I was introduced to Frances during the prehistoric days of blogging – the Xanga and Livejournal era, where people came together through personal diary-like posts.  The thing that kept me coming back and reading year after year wasn’t just a newfound friendship, but her classic chic style and her enviable wardrobe.  Through the years, she’s found her voice and is sharing it to the fashion and foodie world. Read one post and you’ll be hooked and hungry for more recipes and style, decor, and outfit inspirations. The way Frances photographs her latest purchases or some delicious dish she’s whipped up; it’s likely to make you lust at the fashion and foodie porn.  She’s a modern day Martha Stewart – throwing chic dinner parties knowing exactly what to wear. A master at the art of layering and NYC’s put together fashion, you’ll want to take notes.  If you’re ever in search a restaurant recommendation, Frances is the go-to-girl on how to eat well.  Pick up your tongue, and stop salivating about her beef bourguignon and start swooning over her Chanel collection.

You’ve been blogging for quite some time now on different platforms, how has blogging and social media changed and influenced your life?

I’ve been blogging in some shape or form since 2002. Back in high school when I started, I was writing really silly things and posting stuff I’d probably be really embarrassed to show anyone now, but one thing that I’ve done consistently is post things that inspired me. Blogs have also become a source for me to discover a wide variety of inspiration. Whether it be great recipes or beauty tips, there’s always something great to be found in the blog community.  A lot of the things that I find are from the blogger’s personal point of view and therefore unique.

Who do you think is at the top of the blogging game currently? Faves, loves, hates?

The top names would be Sea of Shoes, Fashion Toast, Bryan Boy, Hanneli Mustaparta, Sartorialist and Garance Dore. Out of the ones that I’ve named I guess the one I like the most is Hanneli. She has gotten some really beautiful shots and her blog is very simple and non-fussy. One blog I cannot stand is Fashion Toast. I’m really tired of that laid-back Cali hippie, goth thing.

You have quite the collection of investment pieces in your closet, what are your favorite three items you can’t live without?

I love all of my Chanel bags, but if I had to pick one it would be the black 2.55 with silver hardware and caviar leather.  It’s not necessarily my favorite Chanel (my fave is lambskin w/ gold), but the caviar leather is super durable and I’m a clumsy mess, so it’s a good fit.  I wear it all the time. Second pick, is my Cartier men’s tank Francaise watch – so classic.  Third, is something I bought while in Korea so that’s probably why I chose it, as my newest items are always my fave.  It’s a leopard print fur coat and it’s just TO die for.  I can’t wait to show it on my blog. (EDITOR’S NOTE– We can’t either!)

Your photography skills are amazing, what equipment and tools do you use and any tips for photographing fashion?

I don’t use any fancy equipment for my photos, not even a fancy camera! I was using a G10 until I broke it during the summer and was so bummed, but my dad surprised me with a G11. It’s a good camera, but I’m looking into finally getting a digital SLR. I know, I studied photography at Parsons and never got an SLR, but they bug me! But when I did shoot for my friend’s collections back in school, one thing I firmly believed in: try to use natural lighting whenever possible. I really prefer it to studio lighting and think it’s the most flattering, as well as the simplest technical setup.

Who are your fashion inspirations and how would you describe your sense of style?

Kate Moss, The Olsens, Anna Dello Russo, Chloe Sevigny, and watching European films really inspire me. I’ve recently discovered Joanna Hillman from Harper’s Bazaar and love everything she wears. I would call my style – classic and romantic, with a bit of edge.

You’re quite the gourmand, so what are your favorite 3 fashionable foodie places in NYC?

  1. Gramercy Tavern is my favorite place, the decor and service are outstanding, in addition to having great food!
  2. The Meatball Shop has become a new obsession. Their spicy pork meatballs with mushroom gravy and a side of rigatoni is O-M-G perfection.
  3. Barmarche is also really great, I go all the time and it’s a nice spot to have dinner or just drinks and chill with friends.

What’s a day in the life of pinkhorrorshow like – the norm and the crazy?

My life is very simple, I’m not a huge party girl nor do I have a huge circle of friends. I keep everything close knit and intimate, also being an only child I’m really into having alone time. After work I like to either cook dinner or go out with friends, watch films at home with my dog and chill or spend time with the boyfriend. Once in a while though, I need to have a crazy night out 🙂

What does Full Time Fabulous mean to you?

Full time fabulous to me means being able to be comfortable enough with yourself that you exude the most amount of confidence!

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Big thanks to the sweet France for the lovely interview! xo.  Hope to be your NY neighbor soon ^_^

Images courtesy of: Frances Kwon