My friends joke that I came out the womb with a head full of curls and a pair of stilettos on.  My exs say I may become the old lady that lives with all her shoes.  And yes, I really did buy a Chanel bag instead of a sofa.  Fashion is my life long passion, though some may argue it as an obsession or sickness.

I joked about how I felt like a politico on the campaign trail, but literally at times I was shaking hands, kissing babies, and getting stopped by strangers saying, “Hey! I voted for you and I really believe in you.” Even in moments of retail therapy, I had a man chase me down and struck up a long convo about how he got his whole office to vote for me. I carefully dislodged my finger from my mace and got out of “Stranger Danger” mode long enough to embrace the oddness and hugged it out. However, I did draw the line when he asked me on a date (*waves* Hi, if you’re reading this!).

Then there have been my personal cheerleaders that supported me the entire way making sure everyone was aware of the Sunglass Hut ‘Full Time Fabulous’ competition. I was on Facebook and Twitter so much, I may need a sabbatical. My parents, who adorably boasted to every listening ear and fliered out the entire Dallas county. My two brothers listened to me obsessively go on and on everyday about menial and minute details. Friends in different cities and countries to my international jetsetters spread the word worldwide, and half of Vietnam found a way to find internet to vote for me. The blogging, fashion and tech community were a huge help in letting my presence be known. Dancing with the Stars beauty, Joanna Krupa and my dear friend, Marta Krupa got their devoted followers to lend a hand and help my cause. The lovely Tamara Sky, model/DJ, tweeted and retweeted her little heart out. My longtime friend and womenswear designer of HSN fame, Antthony Mark Hankins, rallied all his wonderful ladies and gentlemen with moving messages and even a video that had me in a puddle of thankful tears. I spammed all my friends in high places, so a big thanks to all those from the A to Z-list.

I’ve seen the strength of social media, power of personal friendships, the complete kindness of strangers, the love of family; all work together for the common goal of “If this is your dream, then we will do whatever it takes to make it a reality.”

When the countdown to midnight occurred I was in a Jerry Lewis telethon mode, racing and hustling for those last minute votes that would put me on top. Once the clock zeroed out, I enthusiastically (though my younger brother recalls it as maniacally) jumped up and down on my couch with such glee that I did indeed topple over and barrel roll onto the floor. Perhaps, not my finest or most fabulous moment.

This experience has completely humbled and floored me literally. I feel so blessed to have such help, love, support, and encouragement from all walks of life and all over the world. I’m so honored and touched that I literally wept with joy, exhaustion, and gratitude. Now, I’m just ready to kick some ass and hit the ground running.

So to make a long story short… I want to give a huge thank you to each and every one of you that voted, believed in me, and supported me. I couldn’t have done this without you. Thank you, thank you, thank you… You’re much too kind.
Dream it. Believe it. Achieve it. Don't Worry, Everything is Going to be Amazing