Kimmy Huynh at Dallas Mavericks Game at AAC

(KAIN Label Side Drape Tank, J Brand Jeans, Vintage Beanie,

Chloe Edith Bag, Louboutin Minibout Heels)

I’m playing catch up with all the activities I’ve been up to and my lack of blog posting.  As a part of my resolutions, I’m going to get on top of this shit (or mildly attempt to… please inspire me to keep going!)  Anyways, so I’ve arrived in Dallas with cheery, warm welcomes after tearful goodbyes in LA.  The day after, my brothers and I, along with a few friends went to Victory Park to the American Airlines Center to cheer on the Mavs.  I accordingly wore blue in secretive support, as I’ve always loved the Mavs since I was a kid, but my hatred for the Cowboys runs deep.

Everything I love was combined in just a few hours:  Hanging out with my bros + girltalk + yard margaritas + hot dogs, nachos, popcorn + Dallas Mavs putting up a great game + Mavs ManiAACs dancing their big butts off + Jack Daniels bar.   For some reason, I am a sucker for the Chicken Dance at sporting events, which I regretfully missed out on (Don’t Hate!).  During halftime, we all ended up reuniting at the Jack Daniel’s bar.  All while taking shots and getting drinks, we observed a blackout drunk turn into jelly, then needing medical assistance and a stretcher out of the stadium.  Wastedface, I hope you’re still alive, but thank you for the entertainment value.

After watching the Mavs lose justttttt by a little bit, the four of us headed to Village Burger Bar in West Village for some late-night noshing (don’t judge!) and met up more friends. I grabbed a Chicken Pesto Panini with Sweet Potato Fries all while listening to Santosh tell his outrageous stories. Santosh, a thin, unsuspecting Indian could definitely rival the Dos Equis man as “The Most Interesting Man in the World.”  I then headed home and crashed out in a delightful carb  coma.