Ever since I was a child, I’ve been so lash obsessed that I’d run around giving those tickling butterfly kisses to every cheek possible. I envied former beaus for their eye framing eyelashes. Those who can, do. Those who can’t, wear fake lashes. I wore them all the time. I even went to the extent of going boating with a now-former boyfriend and his friends and needless to say, high speed sailing and the elements left a lash strip dangling and my secret out in the open. Not a good look I tell you, so what’s a lash fiending lady suppose to do?

The wonderful women at NovaLash sent me to Shannon at Lash Studio in West Village, touting that she is the creme de la creme of eyelash extensions in Dallas. I’ve had horror stories and I’ve seen friends with some scary spidery versions of extensions, but I did my extensive research and bit the bullet. Let me tell you, Shannon did not disappoint. I wanted to party like a rockstar this past Super Bowl/Birthday weekend; worry free that I would pull another faux lash faux pas.

Located right on the corner in West Village, Lash Studio has become a beauty staple in Uptown by offering services such as NovaLash eyelash extensions, airbrush tanning, LCD services, facial waxing,  permanent cosmetics, and injectables.  Walk into their wonderland of flirtatious pink decor with chic chandeliers and I promise you can’t help but be uplifted into a girly good mood.  The private service rooms are equipped with cushy chair beds and leopard print snuggie-like blanket to keep you comfy and warm.  Good ambient music fills the environment and if you’re not into napping you can indulge in divulge in some good conversation.

You explain the look you’re after to the technician and they give you a honest assessment of what would look best for your eye shape.  I wanted fullness with an emphasis on length and a good touch of curl.  The process is pain-free: no stinging feeling, no pinching or pulling, and no poking or prodding.  Actually, it almost felt too relaxing that I could have started drooling all over the table.  Large sticker pads are placed under your eye to prep the area and create a nice work space.  Shannon began by initially curling with a heater eye lash curler that beautifully bends your existing lashes without pulling or crimping like traditional eyelash curlers. Next, your lash technician separates each lash with tweezers and forceps-like tools to attach NovaLash extensions one-by-one with a Platinum Bond adhesive glue.  You have your choice in getting a Full Set or the Flirt, which is just the outer most corners.  I opted for a Full Set of Lashes, because I wanted the full fabulash experience.

The eyelash extensions lasts 6-8 weeks, with recommended touch ups every 3-4 weeks depending on your natural eyelash cycle. Prices range from $150 – $300, depending on which options you choose and what level technician you have.  Touch-ups are $30 to $108, respectively less expensive if you go in for regular upkeep.  For the fancy and funky, Lash Studio also offers candied lashes that are sparkly and colorful eye enhancers to your extensions that last up to two weeks.

So I know you want the meat of it, the Before and After.  I swear I almost didn’t post the Before pictures due to my shame of my paltry and skimpy existing eyelashes.  But just as we are all addicts of plastic surgery before and afters and the like, I felt as if I had to do my duty.

Before: Barely there lashes, straight, hard to curl, unruly and gaps.  I obviously have not been using my Latisse lately.

After: Long, lush, and perfectly curled lashes. I now love waking up bright eyed and bushy lashed in the morning.  Remember you’re not able to get them wet or steam for 24-48 hours immediately after to let the adhesive glue set.  Occasionally they need a good brushing with the little mascara spoolie they give you to detangle and keep your lashes in line.

I could never run out the door previously without curling my lashes and applying mascara, but now it’s a different story.  I’ve become a low maintenance girl where I can get away with just wearing concealer (damn those pesky dark under eye circles!) and lip balm.  Lash Studio is expanding up north to Allen very soon, and you can stay updated on their Facebook and Twitter.  So thank you to Shannon, the lash master at Lash Studio and the ladies at NovaLash for now creating a new beauty addiction!