Lindsay Lohan 6126 Spring 2010 Ad Campaign

Lindsay Lohan is adding more slashes to her resume day-by-day, as in: Actress/Singer/Hot Mess/Legging Connoisseur/Artistic Adviser at Ungaro and now Lifestyle Brand. Don’t cough out your morning coffee just yet, Lohan is expanding her leggings label, 6126, to an entire apparel line for Fall 2010 with intentions of more lifestyle brand extensions planned for 2011. Sounds like a major take on for the buxom blonde, yet this apparel empire will be juggled with her current gig at Ungaro, where much ranting and controversy occurred this past season.

In true LiLo form, she broke the news through a tweet on Tuesday, ” “i need MORE followers i am so sad about this, how can i tell everyone about my 6126 full collection COMING OUT! all clothing.” Who needs publicists when you have the world of Twitter?

The brains and financial backing behind the 6126 LLC empire are Kristi Kaylor and Henri Levy, respectively, spoke exclusively to WWD about the expansion. Levy is the chief executive officer of Los Angeles’ DNAM Apparel, and who we have all to thank for producing clothing for the never-ending, badazzled Ed Hardy line.

“We’ve had amazing success with the leggings line,” said Kaylor. “We have a great business with Neiman Marcus and several hundred great specialty stores. [DNAM Apparel] was the perfect partner to work with 6126 and grow it as a lifestyle brand. We’re launching the full clothing collection next year, and a cosmetics line, handbags, shoes, jewelry in spring 2011.”

What to expect from this upcoming Fall 2010 apparel line? Fabrics will include the same Modal and lace used in the leggings, plus cashmere and leather. There will be 100 pieces set out for Fall, while for Spring 2011 they will bumping it up to 150 pieces. Even though Kaylor cites “It’ll be a young contemporary price point with contemporary styling” in this uneasy and fledgling economy, the pricing strategy seems quite high. The 6126 line will be wholesaling from $18 for basic leggings to $300 for a leather jacket (remember that’s just wholesale.) The average retail price points will fall between $100 and $150. The 6126 leggings currently retail from $68 to $120 at Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, Nordstrom and specialty stores nationwide, plus Harrods, Lane Crawford, Kitson Japan and Isetan internationally.

With their sights aimed high, Kaylor estimated sales of $3 million a year for the leggings, while Levy estimated the clothing collection’s sales will be $10 million wholesale. The duo expresses how Lohan doesn’t just lend her name to the brand, but is a hands-on integral partner.

I think there are too many people out there thinking and hoping that everything Lindsay Lohan touches will turn into gold, while we’ve watch time and time again the failures and disappointments. The sketches bring nothing new or exciting to the scene, while the look highly inspired by other designers and what every LA girl goes out in. Below are a gallery of the preview sketches of the upcoming Fall 2010 from 6126.

Picture Credit: WWD