Once you get engaged there is no guide to tell you what to do next (or if there is, no one is sharing it with little ol’ me!) Thankfully, Minted simplified my fiance and my life immensely when it came time to design our save-the-dates and wedding invitation suite.

Our lives and calendars are heavily scheduled, we both are always on-the-go and frankly, travel way more than the average person should. My dear fiance is a busy CEO of an innovative digital media company and my days are composed of fulfilling the creative visions and marketing plans of brands and corporations. So having the web-based option with Minted, it was a welcoming and convenient experience to sit down all cozy in our bed while working together in the rare downtime we have.

The road getting to this moment definitely has not been an easy or smooth path. With different lifestyles and work obligations, time is such a precious resource that is just not as abundant as he and I hope for. While we wished everyone shared the same elation in wanting to celebrate that a wedding is one of the most significant and defining moments of your life; I found that just isn’t the case. Despite it all, you marvel at the suffering that strengthened you and to just revel in how much you’ve grown.  It’s a hard act to balance, yet in the end, we wanted something that reflected our personal tastes, honored both our families and tried made our guests get just as excited as we are!

At the beginning of this undertaking, I ordered the Minted wedding sampler to get a full understanding of their printing services and capabilities. The kit makes you feel well informed of all options out there on the market and what the general standard is. I will shamefully admit I got weepy just looking at card samples. The tactile feeling of each and every card stock was a joy to have- the nuisances of the weights, sheen, textures, and unique characteristics showed the best qualities of each one. The kit is free to order and I highly recommend starting there; you also have the option of ordering a sample of the chosen Minted suite for a nominal fee that then is credited toward your actual purchase.

First, we started with our save-the-dates because that is what an app on my phone was screaming at me to do. Wedding apps have no chill when reminding you at how poorly you are planning upcoming nuptials. Minted on the other had felt encouraging every step of the way, even when I kept making a million design changes. We had not done a proper engagement photo shoot, but with enough of our travels and my panache with the camera – we had tons of Insta-worthy moments considered #relationshipgoals of enough of us canoodling around the world. I compiled the best shots of us that represented where we’ve been, the love shared amongst one another, and the future we hope to create together.

Pete was the first to spot the design we ending up choosing. Within seconds of browsing, we both loved the gold sparkle foil save the date with very minimal text – the main focus being the image that is reminiscent of the landscape of our future wedding nuptials. The next task was just filling in the details and customizing it to fit our needs and specifications.

I gleefully chose the triple-thick card stock simply for the nostalgia of when I was younger, I remember all the invites my parents got from their friends and their children. The heavy weight of the invitation bearing the significance of the day, I would run around clutching it to my chest as a little girl and wondering how many magnets it would take to hold the precious thing up on the fridge. Wedding invites were always like the Golden Tickets into someone else’s fairy tale. Meaning “Hey, thank you for the impact and importance you have in my life. I love you so much that I’d like you to join me in marrying the love of my life. P.S. There are fancy dresses, food, and cake too!”


Love at First Sight

Foil-pressed on ivory pearlescent paper

Golden Dust Wedding Invites


I’ll admit it first and foremost, we procrastinated. We were in engagement bliss for over a year and I feel as if I’ve been missing that bridal gene that says – WHERE THE HELL IS YOUR WEDDING PINTEREST BOARD? While I always dreamt and envisioned what my future husband would be like, how we’d raise a family, how holidays like Thanksgivings and Christmas would play out, organizing easter egg hunts in our yard, and my future children learning how to fish with their grandpa or assisting grandma in the kitchen. Those and a million other dreams branched out in my mind, but wedding planning was a blank canvas.

I had more pins of vacay-get-aways and shirtless Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds than of wedding images. How could you plan your dream wedding before you met your dream partner?

Well, thank goodness Minted made the wedding invitation suite selection stress free and honestly, very easy. We went back and forth on venues while more organized couples snatched up all the wedding dates over a year in advance. So as I dawdled over dates that would be conducive to everyone’s schedule – Minted made the revisions, edits, and proofs a breeze.

For the wedding invitation – we perused along the options on Minted and immediately knew that we wanted foil-pressed printing above all. There is such a myriad of options: ranging from classic to romantic, modern to embellished –  all fitting the needs of each and every couple, and the themes and feelings of their weddings. Pete and I knew we wanted something with a golden touch – not too much, but with enough dazzle as we have a penchant towards gold. I was enamored with the pearlescent cardstock for a nice luxe sheen.

Our Golden Dust invite had matching Reception and RSVP cards that fully rounded out our suite. To top the envelopes off, we went with the cutest accent of a matching customized wedding stamps composed of the moment, when Pete proposed at sunset. There is so much simplicity in the entire process – click, drag drop and voila! A preview of everything I imagined and more. Minted also tells you when a specification or image is not up to par for printing, thus no errors or surprises are had when they arrive. The free bonus wedding website was another thing off my plate of planning and no hardcore coding skills needed.

The moment the box arrived, I gleefully ripped it open like a child on Christmas morning. I couldn’t believe the attention to detail and robust packing, Minted protects and ensures quality from beginning to end. My eyes welled up with tears of joy, I began sobbing and knew from that moment on I couldn’t wait to profess my love to Pete in front of our closest family and friends and say I do to a lifetime with his beautiful smile and soul.



In collaboration with Minted, many thanks for the support and sponsored partnership. All views and opinions are my own.