Define your palate or find a new favorite wine with the new innovative subscription service, VINEBOX.

Going into a wine shop or even perusing the wine aisle at your local grocery store can be intimidating. As you stroll down, you’re inundated with so many varietals and options; it can be a daunting experience that still may end up in a dud choice.  I love new ways of discovering under-the-radar, but tastebud tested wines. VINEBOX is an unique and fun monthly subscription to find which wines suit your flavor palate, while educating you on the nuisances of handcrafted wines from Europe.

VINEBOX was created and founded by Matt Dukes and Rachel Vodofsky, a duo dedicated to bringing great wine, by the glass, to the masses. What sets the company apart from other wine companies and subscription services, is that VINEBOX uses a
patented glass bottle and rebottling technology that perfectly preserves the wine from the vineyard to your glass.

Carefully curated wines are delivered straight to your door each month. VINEBOX’s expert team of sommeliers select a trio of wines that will tantalize your tongue. The vials contain a glass each and a coordinating information card that contains the region, notes, taste, foods to pair it with, and fun fact about the wine. It charts out the fruit, body, and acidity of each, so you get a better feel for what you are tasting.

As a special to my readers, VINEBOX is offering 10% off of member with code Fabulush10.

These wines aren’t available at your local store. This is the stuff that you stumble across on a backroad trip through Tuscany, the gems that local restaurants save for a special occasion. Some of the renowned regions you will sample include Burgundy, Barolo, and Bordeaux. VINEBOX brings the stories behind each of the wines to you.

My personal favorite is Cahors Malbec – a touch of plums, black cherries, dense spice and good grip.


In collaboration with VINEBOX, many thanks for the support and sponsored partnership. All views and opinions re my own.