Life in New York City has gotten so stressful at times, I hate to admit these days I find a few gray hairs popping up.  To add upon that, frequent jet-setting means running out of time and I’m always missing salon appointments leaving me with terrible roots. TRUHAIR by Chelsea Scott comes to the rescue and is a superhero without the cape. The entire haircare line of beauty products was created as the ultimate way for “great hair day everyday” to use in-between professional services.

A few girlfriends were talking about thinning hairlines and getting microblading done to get a fuller appearance, but why go through tattooing when there is an easier way to for faking fabulous hair. Color & Lift Root Color Powder provides women quick and easy fixes for a wide range of hair challenges. The fine milled, silky powder has thickening fibers that make your hair appear fuller and thicker for when you are wanting to use the product to give your roots a little more of a volume boost.

For days after my Pilates classes, TRUHAIR Color & Lift also works as dry shampoo in a pinch. The absorbent powder soaks up the natural oils and sweat, refreshing and taming my mane. The size is perfect to toss into my gym bag so I can head to all my meetings after looking and feeling fresh. The pocket-sized innovative applicator features a special brush design that allows you to dispense powder on the hair and scalp to distribute it consistently and evenly wherever desired. Simply just dab, fluff it up, and go!



Just newly released and now available exclusively for the next 30 days on, Color & Lift To Go is like the cool little sister to the full sized version. It’s perfect for travel and around the same size of your favorite mascara.  It contains the same mess-free pressed powder known in its original size, but has a handy sponge applicator that’s perfect for touching up small areas with precision, allowing you to get the product exactly where you need it. I carry Color and Lift To Go in my Claire Vivier clutch and purse to refresh my look anytime, anywhere.

I’ll share a secret beauty tip hack is you can also use the Color & Lift To Go on your brows. Easily and quickly fill in patchy or sparse brows with no worries about it matching your hair color! This new product is so revolutionary as it’s the industry’s first hair liner, TRUHAIR by Chelsea Scott is like makeup for your hair, and now in a handy eyeliner sized form.

Glad I finally found a solution for my roots and multi-use for my brows also with the new travel To Go version. HSN has a special for TRUHAIR by Chelsea Scott’s Color & Lift Kit, which includes: Full-size Color & Lift PLUS Color & Lift To Go retailing for $34.50. The travel sized product is the Color & Lift To Go- Precision Hair Liner for $18 and the full sized product is the Color & Lift Root Color Powder with Thickening Fibers for $22.50. Refills are available for when you run out of your favorite shade. Both products are available in 8 shades, so there’s one out there for everyone – the perfect match for my hair color is both black and dark brown for my dark roots, balayage, and highlights.

In collaboration with TRUHAIR by Chelsea Scott, many thanks for the support and sponsored partnership. All views and opinions are my own.