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Create, Capture, and Curate

Off my NYC high, I rolled right into another fantastic project proposal with Nokia. While being a firm iPhone sheep for almost every iteration of the iPhone (minus the 4S) it thus made me almost a connoisseur of smart phones. I always had my roots being a PC/Windows gal growing up and had my fair share of Nokia and HTC phone before Apple fever hit the market[...]

First Look: Christian Lacroix for Desigual

Who doesn't love them a little bit of Lacroix? Start practicing on the pronunication because you'll soon be seeing Desigual all over stateside thanks to their fantastic design and this upcoming capsule collection with none other than Mister Christian Lacroix. The Barcelona based company is bringing their Spanish flair overseas and sharing it with American fa[...]

LuckyFABB West 2012 Live Stream

LuckyFABB has headed West! Watch the live stream and participate in the mix by following #LuckyFABB on Twitter. The day will be broken into several panels—such as "Stay True to Your Voice" and "How I Became an Entrepreneur"—with a focus on building your brand. To help with these sessions, we've tapped a star-studded line-up of speakers, including model Cat D[...]

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