The streets of New York are always hustling and bustling, so it was a treat to see people from all walks of life slow down and enjoy #PumpkinPatchNYC in Times Square. Google threw this incredible Fall bash complete with haystacks, foliage, and over 7,000 pumpkins this past week on Thursday, October 29th, 2015. It was preceding Halloween and definitely helped tourists and NYers alike get into the autumnal and spooky spirit. I had never seen so many smiles abound in Times Square as everyone was happy to celebrate Google Photos.

The Google Photos App is one secret gem that I cannot stop raving about. Backing up photos no longer is a pain-in-the-butt as it automates and transfers immediately from your devices to the cloud. It comes in handy for organizational purposes as sifting through hundreds of thousands of pictures is no longer a chore. You can search by exactly what you remember and instantly it’s algorithms and facial recognition finds it. The assistant functionality becomes your new photo best friend by creating stories, photo highlights, stylized images that put in the artistic work so you don’t have to, and fun gifs that are all easy to share across all social platforms.

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Above is just a moment in time of the meticulous and pain staking hand carving that took place during the #PumpkinPatchNYC event. The artisians would focus on crafting hand drawn then carved with a variety of tools. This technique ranges from one and a half hours to three or four hours duration time to complete for more intricate designs like cityscapes. The pumpkin played as canvases for impressive hand carved in-depth textures and even, delicate touches a robotic machine could not replicate.

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Lucky winners got to experience the joy of watching a robot carve their face into a large pumpkin. After taking a picture in the photo booth, your image was processed and a vector of your face or logo was completed on the computer. The speed and accuracy of the machines had many baffled and in awe as they whizzed in their programmed formations. The assistance of someone wielding a vacuum would then reveal the design as pumpkin pulp was sucked away. In 20 minutes or less, a precise vectorized cartoon version of yourself was unveiled to all the Pumpkin Patch .

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