McQueen Spring/Summer 2010

Everyone gasped with sheer terror, part amazement, and in trepidation as the models clopped out during the Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2010 show.  The unforgettable footwear forged futuristic fantasies and signaled that platforms are here to stay (for a few seasons longer).  The ladies over at Vogue UK showed us civilians the great heights models went through during the show.

12" McQueen vs  5" LouboutinA side by side shot of the infamous McQueen futuristic Armadillo bootie compared to a lowly 5″ Louboutin.

12" McQueen Spring/Summer 2010The Armadillo booties measured in at only a mere 12 inches, perfect for those vertically challenged, those with foot fetishes, and en pointe ballerinas.  I will think twice the next time I wince & whine about my 5″ Loubies that have rendered my toesies useless.

Picture Credit: Vogue UK