Sunglass Hut sure knows how to surprise and spoil a girl. FedEx came by bright and early on Black Friday to drop off quite a large box that I tore into like a kid on Christmas Day.

It. Never. Stood. A. Chance.

Oohs and ahhs escaped my mouth as I fingered the Full Time Fabulous embroidery on the suitcase. I may have or may have not even hugged my new travel buddy. Yet, the surprises didn’t end there, as I unzipped the case only to reveal more and more and EVEN MORE GOODIES. What’s inside you ask?

The contents inside brought so much glee and excitement that a high pitched squeaky squeal escaped that only perhaps my puppy could discern. I did my happy dance as I read the official letter that proclaimed “Hey Kimmy, you’re super amazing and of course you’re fabulous dahhhhhling” Eh okay, maybe not in those exact words.

Now onto the goods:

  1. $250 Amex Giftcard for travel expenses – yes, cabbies and drivers! Though I must pop my subway cherry one of these days.
  2. A Full Time Fabulous branded USB jump drive perfect for backing up info.
  3. Sunglass Hut Cosmetic case for all my traveling necessities.
  4. Sunglass Hut Glasses cleaning kit that will come in handy, which you’ll soon see…
  5. A Full Time Fabulous branded 3D ViewMaster, don’t front like you didn’t have one as a kid!
  6. A Full Time Fabulous branded Flip video camera, to capture all the upcoming memories and moments.

Hold on, it gets even more amazing…

Not one or just two pairs, but TEN pairs of designer sunglasses!
Prada, Versace, Burberry, Vogue, Oakley, Ray bans, Tory Burch, D&G, and Persol… OH MY! Did you have a total Rachel Zoe “OMG, Shut the front door” moment like I did?

Be sure to check back as I review each pair and let you know all the details. Thank you Sunglass Hut! Now I can travel in style to New York.