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[Teen Vogue Bloggers Lounge - Home away from home during WWDMAGIC]

I normally abhor Valentine’s Day with a passion because it feels like a contrived corporate mongering day.  I mean, shouldn’t love, adoration, chivalry, and attention be a daily occurrence, instead of one day of lavish showering of overkill affection? This year was entirely different, as I spent my very special V-Day with my true love, fashion in the Teen Vogue Blogger Lounge at WWDMAGIC! It was a haven to rest tired soles, tweet the newest trends, recharge the lappy & iPhone, pick up the latest issue of Teen Vogue, and of course mingle and network with all the pretty, young things who are influencing fashion in real life and on the Internet.

Kimmy Huynh sitting pretty in the Teen Vogue Blogger LoungeWorking in the Teen Vogue Blogger Lounge

Every year at MAGIC, it just keeps getting bigger, better, and bolder.  Stepping into new boundaries of fashion and embracing the  ever changing pace of trends, business, and the Internet.  Vendors, designers, brands excitedly invited us into their booths to proudly display their wares and wonders.  There was some hesitation and apprehension from a select few; those who were not so tech/internet savvy, those scared we were competitors trying to steal designs, and those with language barriers who simply said “You no buy, you no see.”  The overwhelming friendliness made up for others shortcomings; however, I’m hoping moving forward that brands, designers, boutiques, and fashion lovers can see the value and importance of the bloggers and social media.

Kimmy Huynh lounging around WWDMAGICJane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes w/ Kimmy Huynh of FABULUSH

A three-day fest of interactive and informative panels, DIYs, Style-Offs, and interviews galore. I hope you’ve enjoyed the live reporting and wrap-up coverage as much as I’ve enjoyed producing this content for you. In it’s inaugural year, the Teen Vogue Bloggers Lounge experience had some kinks to work out, but overall was executed well by the Fashionably Marketing team and Elle Communications.  Hats off to you leading ladies & gents. While I wasn’t one of the lucky ones that walked away with a brand deal, I came out a winner with new friends, an experience to learn and grow from, and a plethora of new lines to lust and covet.