Marc by Marc Jacobs Dress, Louis Vuitton Bag, Proenza Schouler Platforms, and Ray ban SunglassesMarc by Marc Jacobs Corduroy Dress Detail [Marc Jacobs Dress, Vintage Belt, Proenza Schouler Platforms, Vuitton Bag, Ray Bans]

Three days away from the big T-day and I’m already planning what to wear. This year I’m pulling out this festive Marc by Marc Corduroy number that puts me perfectly in the holiday spirit. It’s all in the little details like the cheery black and white polka dotted lining, the gold lined enamel buttons, the cut out back that makes this dress so subtlety sexy, and with all the hidden pockets. A vintage leather croc belt will keep me cinched in as I fade into a tryptophan turkey induced coma. My Proenza Schouler platforms will have me at sky-high proportions, which will be much needed next to my lithe model friends.

Even with an outfit game plan laid out, I can foresee my girlfriends and I in stretchy leather leggings with our drapey Kain and Alexander Wang tees, drudging our tired soles in black leather booties to nosh on some good ol’ BBQ and Tex Mex. Either way, no complaints because I have a plethora of reasons to be thankful this year.

What are you rocking this Thanksgiving?