When the fashion and tech world meet, of course there’s a marriage of what’s hot and the very latest.  So here are my picks for the best apps of the moment.  I never thought I would need or use an iPad, but after being generously gifted one by Sunglass Hut I can’t imagine my digital media life without one now!  It’s become my eBook reader, inspiration board, up-to-the-minute news update, social media sidekick and it’s by far easier to lug around than my laptop.

Top Fashion & Social Media App Must Haves

  1. Twitter – The best way to engage and communicate with people, friends, brands, and celebrities worldwide.
  2. Net-A-Porter – Online eCommerce brought to the next level with a magazine based format and integrated shopping.
  3. Flipboard – Digest all forms of news in a creative form with just a flick of the finger.
  4. Style.com – One of your favorite fashion sites directly at your fingertips.
  5. WWDBlast – Condensed snippets of fashion’s newsworthy articles.
  6. V Magazine – Glance at beautiful images and read the same articles with interactive aspect. It’s all about NY issue.
  7. Vogue Paris – Actually an iPhone app, but zoomed into chic styles and you can reminisce over the Carine Roitfeld era.
  8. LOVE – Katie Grand’s new fashion magazine venture in a whole different format; watch the videos in amazement.
  9. Dazed & Confused – Read one of the best indie fashion format magazines for free.
  10. New York Mag – This app allows you to purchase the monthly mag for $4.99, The Cut is worth the price alone.

What are your favorite must-have Fashion & Social Media apps?