Topshop Personal Shopping

Walking into Topshop can be overwhelming as the multi-leveled, fashion megastore from over the pond can be quite daunting as you wade through the masses and peruse through mountains of the newest fashions. Every moment in the Big City is valuable so don’t waste it wandering aimlessly.

Topshop Personal Shopping - Laid Out Fashion

On a mission as I explored for holiday gifts, a personal shopper showered me with attention and expedited my experience. My hands were laden and overburdened with new finds and in the nick of time, Neka, my personal shopping savior, came to the rescue.  Tucked away behind the Boutique area in a serene and secluded shopping area with spacious dressing rooms, Topshop’s Personal Shopping will change the way you scour the sales floor. Pick your favorites and they’ll see what else suits your personality. They’ll create outfits and looks and set them up on the wired walls so you can envision what fabulous fashion could be like.

Before the shopping session - Zara Blazer, Paul & Joe Sweater, Leather Leggings, & Rosegold Studded Booties

Prance around and they’ll give you the honest opinion of what works and when to save or splurge.   Saved me energy, time, and I was able to finish shopping for my brothers.  Rest your tired legs and snack on goodies as they ring you up.  For those with a sweet tooth refuel on mini cupcakes, sparkling water, tons of candy jars filled to the brim and be sure to try the branded licorice.

Topshop Licorice

Various types of appointments to appeal to every side of shoppers.  Best of all this specialized service is free and you’ll get the heads up on exclusives and first dibs on what’s new. So whether your need is for one look for a night out on the town, a wardrobe revamp, or a few new things for a pick me up; the TopShop personal shoppers have got you covered.