Travel Outfit - Day 1 NYC

I’ve always had a problem with packing being a compulsive overpacker, I find it terrifyingly hard to edit it down to the “essentials”.  As I mentally pled each piece’s case of why it should have its moment to shine in NY, I found myself physically sitting on, stuffing, and struggling to zip my bags shut.

After getting some great feedback on my request for packing ideas from my tweeple and Facebookers; I thank you kindly for the suggestions.  I ended packed one large suitcase, my Full Time Fabulous carry-on as previously featured, and bringing aboard my Christopher Kane for Versus bag for a 3 day trip.  I contemplated bringing another large suitcase… Hey! Winter clothes takes a lot of space, you know?

I woke at 4:30am to begin my voyage…  only after finally falling asleep at 2am due to the mass giddiness that could only be compared to a child on Christmas Eve.  Bleary eyed, but full of excitement I vlogged at the airport gate at 6am to much confusion of the other passengers. Then I caught a few winks of beauty sleep during the first flight from DFW to Charlotte.  During my layover in Charlotte, a disarmingly handsome guy came and sat next to me after I finished vlogging and he went through the motions of trying to woo me.  If you follow my Twitter, you would have gotten the hilarious play-by-play of the action.  After Charlotte to La Guardia, I couldn’t have been more overjoyed when I saw my wonderful driver, Frank, holding the ‘Full Time Fabulous’ sign with my name on it.

As we cruised through the city, Frank said, “Dallas? No, you look like a New Yorker.”  I was flattered, even though I was quite bright eyed and bushy-tailed due to the fact I confused all three bridges and still to this day cannot locate the Statue of Liberty when I fly in from La Guardia.  So he toured me around and taught me the basic geo hot spots, history, and “all the important things I should know about my future home.”

W Downtown NY Hotel - Welcome from the W

Around 2:30pm, we pulled up to the W Downtown located in the Financial District, right next to Ground Zero and the new memorial, and it was breathtakingly gorgeous.  Sunglass Hut really knows how to roll out the red carpet for the Full Time Fabulous finalists!  A gracious welcome note from the W with a ingenious purse hook was presented and a thorough tour began.  With warm invitations, the staff settled me in my room on the 17th floor, where I hung up my coat and instantly started to feel at home.  My upcoming post will do more justice to all the wonders and amazements that the W Downtown NY Hotel holds.  After the requisite blogger documentation through videos and photos, I threw myself into writing for several hours until I realized I was famished and it was no longer daylight.

W Downtown NY Hotel - My Desk/Work Area
W Downtown NY Hotel - Dinner from BLTW Downtown NY Hotel - Sweet Dreams!

A quick call to room service provided the tastiest Chicken Panini abetted with sinfully delicious french fries and some of the freshest Tuna Tartar imaginable.  I noshed on my first real meal of the day (oh how New York of me, I know), while catching the tail end of Dexter.  A quick nightcap and catch up with a friend at the W Living Room occurred and I dragged my exhausted self to bed to dream about the huge day ahead.

Stay tuned for more travel diaries, photos, and videos of my amazing NYC trip!