I have the penchant for overpacking (doesn’t every girl?), which then leads to excessive layers at the airport in order to avoid excess baggage fees.  Then the vicious cycle includes backing up the new TSA security lines as I peel layers away to throw up my Jay-Z Hova sign and popping out my booty for the pat down.  When did air travel turn into a rap video?  In my recent trip to Colorado, I dressed for comfort and style in my TopShop leather leggings (obsessed with my recent NY purchase!) and over-the-knee boots paired with a vintage chambray button down and H&M grandfather cardigan.  Not pictured are the two heavy coats I lugged around, my Full Time Fabulous carry-on, and the Burberry sunnies I wore to cover my tired eyes.  So if you catch me in the airport, feel free to cut in front because traveling in style = traveling slowdown.