Inside my Chloe EdithMoleskine, Anais Nin Diary, Ray-Bans, Canon G10, Miu Miu clutch, Essie Jelly Apple

Some days I feel as if I can skip a trip to the gym with all that I’m lugging around in my “kitchen sink” bag. Once, my coworkers weighed in on this heavy matter and my bag was tipping the scales at a staggering amount of almost 30lbs! I was cleaning out it out today of all the random receipts and knick knacks floating around in my Chloe Edith and thought let’s play the “What’s in Your Bag?” game.

  • My Go-To Glasses: Ray-Ban Oversized Aviators
  • Miu Miu Matelasse Clutch which holds my Canon G10, extra memory cards, Flip Cam, etc
  • Fragrances: Chloe, Flowerbomb, and Gardenia Parfum Oil
  • Knick Knacks: Hello Kitty Pez dispenser (for when my sweet tooth strikes), Rosebud Lip Salve, Evian Mister (perfect for hot days or right after the gym), hand sanitizer, and a Badtz Maru pillbox for my vitamins
  • Louis Vuitton Mini Pochette: Perfect for girly unmentionables like tampons, or on-the-go bag cash/ID/phones
  • Moleskine planner to stay organized
  • The Diary of Anais Nin: I highly recommend!
  • Essie Jelly Apple nail polish for touch-ups
  • Gold mesh make-up bag
  • Hermes Wallet: one my former best Christmas gifts
  • Keys to my high class hoopty that always seems to die on me 🙁

Now tell me, what’s in your bag? Tweet me @kimmyhuynh or leave a pic in the comments, I’ll repost the best ones!